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This Cookie Disclosure describes the cookies and other technologies that we use in connection with our website located at, our advertisements, communications, correspondence, emails, newsletters, promotions, services, surveys, and other electronic communications (collectively “Communications”). We also explain how individuals can opt out from having data about their browsing collected and used in connection with the Site.

Why cookies and tags are used

We use cookies and tags to gather information about users of our Site, readers or recipients of our Communications, or other individuals who have shown interest in our product or services.

Some cookies are placed and managed by us, and others are placed and managed by our service providers.

This document is intended to provide specific information about each category of cookies that are used on the Site, and what information these cookies collect and how the collected information is used.

Our cookies and tags

We use cookies and tags for the following purposes:

Some cookies enable services that you have specifically asked for – These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the Site and use its features, such as moving from page to page without re-entering the same information, or accessing password protected areas. Without these cookies, some of the services that you have requested cannot be provided.

Some cookies enable us to remember choices that you made when visiting our Site – We use cookies to recognize a browser as that of a previous user and save any preferences (such as language, font size) that may have been set while browsing our Site, or to record the area or region where the user is located. These cookies may also be used to provide services that you have asked for, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog.

Some cookies collect information on the pages visited – We use cookies and tags on our Site and in our Communications to enable the collection of information about how our users use our Site or Communications. This information allows us to generate statistics about how our Site or our Communications are used so that we can better serve our users and make our Site or Communications more attractive to them.

Third Party Cookies and Tags

Third parties perform services on our behalf, which may require them to record information related to a person’s visit, review, or interaction with our Site or Communications. To do so, these third service providers may rely on cookies (“third party cookies”) and tags (“third party tags”).

Third party tags are integrated in the code of specific pages of our Site or our Communications. When an individual visits the pages that have been tagged, the user’s browser sends to the service provider the data that were collected from or through these third party cookies and tags. The service provider then uses the information from the analysis of these data to perform the services for which it was retained.

The combination of these third party cookies and tags is used in two situations:

Some cookies allow the service provider to collect information on the pages visited – Some third party cookies and their related tags are used to analyze the traffic and usage patterns on our Site or with respect to our Communications. The information that is collected by our website analytics service providers is subject to the service provider’s privacy policy. Our service providers’ privacy policies are consistent with our privacy policy for information collected from our website, communications and emails.

Some cookies collect information about your perceived interests in order to serve advertising that might be more relevant to you – These third party cookies and tags are used to customize advertisements about us that are served on other websites across the Internet. This information is then used to serve you ads when you are visiting websites that display advertisements to support their offerings.

The information that is collected by our service provider is subject to the service provider’s privacy policy.

Can We Identify a User?

Cookies allow identifying a specific browser on a computer, laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet, or any other similar equipment that is used for online activities (“Device”) or entry point, but are not able, by themselves, to determine the identity of the individual using the Device.

The data associated with the use of our Site by a Device (and a specific browser on that Device) or entry point, that are collected through these cookies may be combined with other data about that Device and browser or that entry point, that were obtained from other sources.

When we use tags in Communications directed to a specific individual, we are able to know how this individual responded to our Communication, such as whether he opened it, deleted it, or forwarded it to a third party.

What Data Are Collected Through Cookies and Tags

When it is combined with a tag, a cookie may help collect the following data about a specific visit to our Site or receive our Communications:

How to Control and Manage Cookies

Using your browser settings – You can instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting all cookies, or only third party cookies, from any website that you visit. This is done by editing the options in your browser.

The instructions for performing these functions are usually found in the “options” or “preferences” or “settings” menu of your browser. You may also check the “help” option of your browser.

We provide below links to the instructions provided by some of the most popular browsers:

The methods described above can be used to block all cookies or certain categories of cookies, such as third parties cookies. They would not be applicable to block or deactivate one specific cookie, or all cookies originated by a specific entity. To do so, other methods must be used.

Using a special opt-out cookie — To deactivate and block future cookies from a specific company, a special cookie must be used. Some companies may provide the information on how to block their cookies on their website. Alternatively, some sites provide a compilation of information about opt-out cookies for most of the major service providers. See for example:

Digital Advertising Alliance:
Network Advertising Initiative:
World Privacy Forum:

Please Remember That:

Since cookies are browser specific, changing the settings on one browser will not change the setting in another browser, or on another Device.

If you block all cookies, you may not be able to access some of the content offered on the websites that you visit and that had relied on that cookie as a way to identify your browser as a permitted user of certain content.

How To Contact Us:

For further information about the cookies and tags used in connection with the site you may get in touch by visiting out contact page.




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Helpline 0800 285 1259


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